Weathering the Storms of Custody Challenges

Can You File For Bankruptcy Without Involving Your Spouse?

You might be having some trouble paying your bills on time or even at all. It could be due to a job loss or an illness. A loss of income can be devastating to a family's finances. You may have tried to negotiate a payment schedule or even to consolidate your debt, but that action might have failed. You may have decided that bankruptcy is your only option. While you may want to file bankruptcy due to your own finances, what if your spouse is in good shape? Read More 

What To Expect When Going Through Divorce Mediation

If you've never gone through the divorce process before, you likely do not know how it works from a process standpoint. This is why many people wrongfully assume that the divorce process takes place in the courtroom when it actually takes place in mediation. This is when you and your spouse work with a mediator to get the results that you want by working things out together. Here is what you can expect when going through divorce mediation. Read More 

Understanding Your Employee Rights In Light Of COVID-19

Knowing your legal rights is crucial as the COVID-19 pandemic case numbers continue to surge throughout the United States, particularly in states like Florida, New York, and California. Those affected by the pandemic need to push for relief and consider hiring a COVID-19 employee rights lawyer to help them. Stay vigilant during the pandemic by considering the tips below and hiring an attorney that can assist you.  Get an official COVID-19 test and diagnosis and keep the results for your records Read More 

5 Reasons Why People Typically Use Trusts

Setting up a trust is a fairly involved process, but it can serve several purposes. If you're thinking about contacting a trust lawyer, it's a good idea to start wrapping your mind around the primary reasons for creating a trust. Here are five of the most common reasons individuals, families, and organizations go this route. Avoiding Estate Probate When an estate goes into probate, the assets and funds within it are frozen. Read More 

Tips To Prepare For Your Meeting With An Estate Planning Attorney

Have you put off your estate planning efforts for years and now want to create a plan? If so, you should start by choosing an estate planning attorney to use. Next, you should schedule an appointment with the lawyer. After you do these things, you should prepare for the meeting, and here are some tips to help you prepare for a meeting with the estate planning attorney. Create an Inventory List Read More