Weathering the Storms of Custody Challenges

Are Financial Obligations In Divorce Decrees Subject To The Automatic Stay?

Filing for bankruptcy provides many benefits, the most welcomed of which is the automatic stay that forces creditors to cease all collection activities until the case is concluded. If you're the ex-spouse of someone who has filed for bankruptcy, though, you may be wondering if the automatic stay also applies to enforcing financial agreements outlined in your divorce decree. Whether or not you must comply with an automatic stay order depends on the wording of your separation agreement, the obligation in question, and the exemptions provided by bankruptcy law. Read More 

Hip Replacement Injuries: What You Need To Know About Filing A Lawsuit

Many medical conditions can cause problems with bones and joints, and patients sometimes need to have hip replacement surgery. Around 285,000 people have total hip replacement surgery in the United States annually, and advances in technology mean that success rates are now higher than ever. Unfortunately, some hip implants lead to serious injuries that can cause significant problems for patients. Learn more about one type of hip replacement, and find out why some people are filing personal injury lawsuits following this type of surgery. Read More 

How Does Workers Compensation Intersect With Your Health Savings Account?

If you've been injured or made ill while at work, you may have already filed a workers compensation claim with your employer's insurance company. If you're fortunate (and have submitted your claim in a timely manner), you may have already started receiving workers compensation payments before your first medical bills begin to roll in. However, if your payments have been delayed (or if you need to appeal a denial of workers compensation), you may be wondering how to pay your bills. Read More 

5 Tips To Help Ease The Emotional Burden Of Being Involved In A Car Accident

Being involved in a car crash is one of the most frightening, frustrating, and debilitating experiences an individual can go through. Those who have been the victim of a car accident understand there is much more to a collision than the resulting injuries or vehicle damage. The emotional toll of an accident can last a lifetime and can have a significant impact on both the victim and their loved ones. If you were involved in a car crash, here are 5 tips to help you ease the emotional burden that remains after the collision is over. Read More 

Considering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Three Mistakes That Could Cost You An Approval

Bankruptcy can be a complex, involved process. If you want to be sure that your filing is successful, it's in your best interest to work with a bankruptcy attorney who can help you organize your information and make sure that you qualify. A successful bankruptcy filing will give you the opportunity to start fresh financially, but there are a few serious mistakes that can cost you the whole process. Here are three of the most common mistakes that bankruptcy filers make that can lead to rejection. Read More