Weathering the Storms of Custody Challenges

Providing For Your Pet In A Will And Trust

While your pets may be considered your best friends or family, in the eyes of the law, they are considered property. This means that when you die, your pet will be treated as any other property you own and could end up in a shelter. Therefore, it's important to have a plan for your pet in place in case you die first. Here are some things you should know about providing for your pet in your will and creating a trust. Read More 

Personal Injuries That You Cannot See: Reasons To Visit A Doctor And Make The Invisible, Visible

There are far too many personal injuries that occur at work and in your community that go unnoticed. People do not listen to their bodies, or they try to shake it off, only to make it worse. If you were recently injured while at work or just outside a business, and you did nothing for it, here are some reasons why you should rethink that and go visit your doctor right away. Read More 

Need A Bondsman? What To Know To Be Smart

If someone close to you has just been picked up because there was a warrant out for their arrest, and it's imperative that they get out of jail right away, you have to talk with a bail bonds professional. A bail bondsman is a professional that you will pay a set amount of money to to get your friend out of jail, and they cover the rest of the bail. Usually you have to pay the bondsman around 10 percent of the bail; it could be more or less. Read More 

Ready for a Divorce? Honesty & Mediation May Be Ideal

If you just want to get divorced, consult a divorce attorney first. You want to meet with a lawyer first so you can go over what the two of you have, what your situation is financially, and what reason you will put on the divorce papers. Here are some of the things you can ask the lawyer about, so that you can get the divorce settled quickly and you can get on with your life. Read More 

A Learning Experience: Chapter 7 Financial Education

A fairly recent rewrite of the bankruptcy code seems to be an attempt to educate filers in financial matters. While some could say that these required classes are just "closing the barn door after the horse is gone", if you find yourself ready to file then you need to understand this requirement. Read on to get a heads-up on these two classes, one of which must be taken before you even file your chapter 7 paperwork. Read More