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Worried New York Law Will Make Your Divorce Difficult? 2 Misconceptions About Divorces in New York

If you live in New York, then you may think that the divorce process for you will be messier than for people who live in other states. This may be due to misconceptions you have about the process, because there is misinformation about the divorce process all over the place. If you are worried about any of the following myths about getting a divorce in New York, then read on to find out the truth about divorce laws in your state that are often misconstrued by the media and the public. Read More 

Is it Possible to Collect Damages for False Statements?

It happens to everyone at one point in their lives. A stranger, coworker, or ex-best friend says something untruthful about you. Many times, the only things that come from the false statements are a lot of hurt feelings and interpersonal drama. However, sometimes those false statements can have more serious consequences such as a job loss or damage to a company's reputation. In these cases, it is possible to sue for compensation for any damages or losses the lies cause. Read More 

Can Your Divorce Settlement Be Nullified?

If you've recently divorced your spouse, you may have focused most of your efforts on achieving an equitable divorce settlement that helped provide for your contribution to the marriage and your child's financial needs. However, divorce settlement negotiations can often be a messy, emotion-laden process, and your ex-spouse may have stooped to new lows in an attempt to avoid paying you your fair share. Fortunately, settlements obtained through duress or coercion can sometimes be nullified, allowing you to seek a fairer share of marital assets even after your divorce has been finalized. Read More 

Why Is It Hard To Prove That An Accident Was Caused By Drugs ?

If you are involved in a car accident and you feel like drugs are a cause of the incident, then the other driver can be charged with driving under the influence. This can help to solidify a negligence case against the other driver, and you may be able to win an auto accident claim with the assistance of a lawyer. If vehicle damage was extensive or if injuries occurred during the incident, then suing the driver is often the best option to help you with your costs. Read More 

Property Division In Divorce: Who Gets To Keep The House?

If you're facing a divorce where all marital property is to be divided between both parties, you and your former partner might be battling for the most precious item: the family home. There are many factors that play part in the final decision of who will be able to keep the house, and so it is best to make sure you are willing to put up a fight and that you have a strong argument for why the house should go to you instead of your former spouse. Read More