Weathering the Storms of Custody Challenges

When To Hire A Mortgage Lawyer

There are real estate lawyers out there who help with all sorts of real estate–related matters, but there are also real estate lawyers out there who offer more specialized services. For example, there are mortgage lawyers who primarily help their clients with matters that relate to their home mortgages. These are some of the times when you might need to hire one of these lawyers to help you out. You're Purchasing a Home With a Mortgage Read More 

What To Know About Health Insurance Liens

If you were involved in an accident that resulted in you receiving a settlement from the responsible party's insurance company, you may not be aware that you have to pay back your own insurance company for the medical bills that they paid. Here is what you need to know about health insurance liens and how they impact your injury settlement.  Liens Only Apply In Third-Party Accidents When you sign a contract with your health insurance provider, part of the contract will state that you are responsible for paying back the expenses paid to recover from your injury if you win a personal injury settlement. Read More 

Don’t Believe These Divorce Misconceptions

Divorce is incredibly common, but it is also extremely misunderstood. If you have not been through a divorce, it is likely that you have a lot of misconceptions about divorce. After all, a lot of legal processes can be stressful and difficult to understand. If you think that divorce is on the horizon for you, it is important that you do not fall prey to these very common misconceptions. Men Can't Get Custody of the Children Read More 

Don’t Overlook These Symptoms After An Accident

Some car accidents can seem pretty minor. The car might bump into you and you may not see a lot of damage. You both exchange contact information and wait for the police to arrive and write a police report. Then you leave the scene. Your injuries might seem minor, but there are some symptoms that might emerge later on that you should pay attention to. Bruises and Swelling You might notice bruises and swelling later on that can be a sign of broken bones. Read More 

Can You File For Bankruptcy Without Involving Your Spouse?

You might be having some trouble paying your bills on time or even at all. It could be due to a job loss or an illness. A loss of income can be devastating to a family's finances. You may have tried to negotiate a payment schedule or even to consolidate your debt, but that action might have failed. You may have decided that bankruptcy is your only option. While you may want to file bankruptcy due to your own finances, what if your spouse is in good shape? Read More